How to Choose Bathroom Lighting

The right lights will not only let you, well, see, but will also give your space a serious style makeover.

There are a lot of things to consider when brightening up a room. Here, we shed light (zing!) on how to pick the right fixture for your space, with a little help from our friends at Progress Lighting.

Before You Go:

What finishes are already in the bathroom? For a cohesive look, choose lighting fixtures that are in the same material vein as your faucets, door hardware and towel bars.

Want something trendier? Mix and match finishes for a modern bathroom lighting aesthetic. But don’t go crazy—find fixtures that have similar lines so the overall look isn’t scattershot.

What are the room’s proportions like? This is a case where size matters: Big fixtures in a tiny room will look off-balance, as would diminutive sconces in a ginormous space.

What kind of lighting do you need? There’s more to the world of bathroom lighting than sconces. Consider installing one or more of the following:

  • Ceiling/overhead lights for maneuvering through the room
  • Pendants to give the room an extra dose of style
  • Accent lighting, such as sconces (installed over mirrors and vanities at face height), for daily tasks like shaving and applying makeup.
  • Flush-mounted ceiling LED fixtures for illuminating the shower area

What to Measure:

The width of your vanity mirror, if you’ll be installing lights above it. The width of your bathroom lighting fixtures should be at least one-third the width of the vanity mirror but not exceed its total width. If you have a double sink vanity, consider choosing two separate overhead lighting fixtures rather than one long one.

Things to Bring:

  • Details about fixtures, finishes and other décor elements currently in your bathroom.
  • Photos of your vanity and mirror loaded onto your phone or tablet.

Before You Buy:

  • Consider dimmers, which let you customize your desired light level to accommodate any mood (bright for A.M. tasks, softer for a relaxing bath).
  • Browse light fixtures from Progress Lighting that match Delta Faucet bath products here.
  • For spaces with high ceilings, try pendants, which bring the light down to your level.
  • Think about placing a chandelier above the tub for a luxe soaking setting.

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