Video: Behind the Scenes with Southern Living's 50th Anniversary Hummingbird Cake

Get a glimpse into the history of Southern Living's most popular cake and take a behind-the-scenes look at their 50th anniversary photo shoot.


How-to Videos

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Installing a Pilar® Waterfall® Kitchen Faucet
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Flushing the Lines of a Bathroom Faucet by Delta Faucet
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It’s called “flushing the lines,” and it not only gets rid of debris, it stops sputtering, noise and uneven flow. 

Installing a Kitchen Faucet by Delta Faucet
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How to Install a Delta® Toilet
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This step-by-step video walks you through the easy process of installing a water-efficient toilet. 


Installing a Two-Handle Widespread Faucet with DIAMOND™ Seal Technology
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Delta’s in-house handyman, Mark Oliver, stars in this step-by-step faucet installation video. It’s the next best thing to being a plumber’s apprentice.

Installing a Bathroom Faucet by Delta Faucet
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It’s as easy as remembering red for hot, blue for cold. Well, almost. Watch this video to learn how to install a Delta bathroom faucet.

How to Install a Touch2O® or Touch2O.xt™ Technology Bathroom Faucet
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Fasten your seatbelt: This project isn’t for the weak of spirit. But if you’re game for a serious job, we’ve got the step-by-step video and tools for you. 

Replacing Seats & Springs in a Faucet by Delta Faucet
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When that drip, drip, drip threatens to send you over the edge, some people call the plumber. And some people (you know who you are) get out their tools and tackle it themselves. In this video, Delta’s own Mr. Fix-it, Mark Oliver, demonstrates how to repair a leaky faucet.

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Switching out an old showerhead for a new one is so simple, you’ll want to do it in every bathroom. 

How to Install a Pilar® Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology
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Reserve your next Saturday afternoon for this six-step project. Watch the video for installation steps and tools.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Our 50th Anniversary Hummingbird Cake | Southern Living

Get a glimpse into the history of Southern Living's most popular cake and take a behind-the-scenes look at their 50th anniversary photo shoot.

In2ition® Shower Television Commercial Behind-the-Scenes by Delta Faucet
Destination Delta

What does it take to demonstrate the power of Delta's In2ition showerhead? Five body painters and 15 models. Watch what happens as they join forces.