Prelude Elongated Toilet

Model #:C43801-WH

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Color Shown: White
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Product Features and Benefits

  • Delta toilets feature the exclusive SmartFit™ tank-to-bowl connection reducing potential leak points, over-tightening of the fasteners and cracking the toilet
  • Maximum flush power while saving you money, Delta 4.8Lpf WaterSense labeled toilets are virtually clog-free
  • All Delta toilet models offer ADA compliant comfortable Chair Height to make sitting down and standing up easier.
  • Delta toilet kit includes the tank, bowl, toilet seat, mounting hardware, wax ring and SmartFit™ Multi-Tool. No additional tools required.
  • Delta® Toilets Limited Warranty
  • Featured Smart Features:

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Installation Instructions / Owner's Manual

Installation Information

  • Gallons Per Flush: 1.28 gpf
  • Toilet Bowl Shape: Elongated
  • Bowl Height: Chair height
  • Seat Type: StandardClose Seat
  • SmartFit™ Tank-to-Bowl Connection: Yes
  • SmartFit™ Multi-Tool: Yes
  • SmartFit™ Supply Line: No
  • EZ Out™ Toilet Removal Kit: No
  • Rigid Supply Line: No
  • No Additional Tools Required for Installation

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