In response to the growing demand for touch faucets, Delta has expanded its Touch2O Technology to the Linden pull-down kitchen faucet. Inspired by the reaching branches of a Linden tree, the new Linden faucet is the epitome of grace and function for the kitchen.

Touch2O Technology

This intuitive function allows homeowners to turn water on and off with just a tap on the faucet’s spout or handle. Delta’s Touch2O Technology makes meal prep and clean up a breeze, even with the messiest recipes. The user can activate the faucet using a hand, wrist or forearm so the faucet stays clean even when hands aren’t. 

Delta’s Touch2O Technology is available on several other kitchen models including Trinsic, Addison and Pilar. 

Low Profile

The Linden is ideal for homeowners looking for a low-profile faucet that will fit in tighter spaces above the sink. While taller faucets may pose a problem in kitchens with low cabinets or swing-out windows above the sink, the Linden offers a functional solution without sacrificing style.

Multi-Flow Technology

The Linden with Touch2O Technology also features Multi-Flow Technology, which enables the user to toggle between spray and stream settings. For everyday tasks, the standard flow rate is a water-efficient 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm) for both modes, savings up to 32 per cent over the industry standard in the kitchen (2.2 gpm). A simple push button on the underside of the faucet’s wand increases the flow when more water is needed while filling pots, vases and sinks.

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