TORONTO, ON – At a time when water and energy consumption and ecofriendly practices are top of mind, a surprising one in three Canadians admits to leaving the water running when brushing their teeth, according to a recent Angus Reid survey commissioned by Delta Faucet Canada.

"And with more than 70 per cent of Canadians reporting they leave the faucet on while washing their hands, it’s clear there is an opportunity for Canadians to change their water habits in the bathroom," says Anita Griffin, marketing brand manager, Delta Faucet. "At Delta, we have responded by adding innovative technologies to our lavatory faucets. Almost immediately after we launched Touch2O Technology® for the kitchen, we heard from consumers that they wanted a similar solution for the bathroom. Our designers and engineers ultimately landed on two options to help homeowners use water more intuitively – with less waste, less mess and more functionality."

The Lahara™ and Addison™ styled Delta lavatory faucets will be available with Touch2O Technology, similar to the technology made popular on the brand’s kitchen faucets, or Touch2O.xt Technology, which includes extra technology for an entirely hands-free experience. So what does this new technology in the bathroom mean? Here are three interesting thoughts:



Look Ma! No Hands!

Sara Dimerman, author and child and family therapist, notes that keeping kids on track with morning and evening routines is one of the more common difficulties parents speak to her about. Since daily routines help kids build confidence and good habits, it’s important to find ways to make routines stick, eliminating stress for both parents and children. For example, children, who might not be such willing participants when it comes to hand washing or teeth brushing, may be more motivated to practice good bathroom habits if a cool gadget is tossed into the mix.

"Any time we can come up with creative, fun ways to encourage children to engage in routines, the more success parents will have," advises Dimerman. "If there’s something magical about the way that water comes out of a faucet, or if younger children feel a sense of pride and independence when turning the water on, there’s a greater chance that they will willingly wash their hands or brush their teeth. With features like Touch2O or Touch2O.xt Technology, kids can have fun while they’re washing up."



Less Mess

From make-up to hair products, body lotion to toothpaste – there are lots of sticky fingers that can touch a faucet. Now, just imagine if you did not even have to touch the faucet to turn it on! An added benefit of Touch2O.xt Technology is that its functionality helps cut down on mess in the bathroom – which is only a good thing.

"Our survey also found that 32 per cent of Canadian men report turning the faucet on and off as needed when shaving at the bathroom sink. With a manual faucet, this might lead to a shaving cream-covered faucet handle or spout," continues Griffin. "Because fixtures with Touch2O Technology are activated hands-free or with a light tap of the wrist or forearm, hands covered in shaving cream, lotion or dirt need never touch the faucet, leaving fixtures shiny and clean."



Water Savings

After one use of Touch2O Technology or Touch2O.xt Technology the user can imagine how much water one can save. Take teeth brushing for example; to achieve good oral health, dental professionals recommend tooth brushing three times a day for a minimum of two minutes. With just over 30 per cent of Canadians leaving the faucet running while brushing their teeth, Touch2O and Touch2O.xt technologies can help save water with their smart on/off functionality. In addition, they also offer a reduced flow rate of 1.5 gpm. Users who turn off the water flow every time they brush will save nine gallons of water every day – hands-free and touch functionality make it easy!



About Touch2O and Touch2O.xt Technology

Touch2O.xt Technology is an adaptation of two existing Delta innovations; Touch2O Technology in the kitchen, and Proximity™ Sensing Technology in commercial bathroom applications. The blend of the two enables the user to turn the water on by simply approaching the faucet’s sensing field or tapping the faucet anywhere on the spout or handle.

Touch2O.xt Technology will be available on lavatory faucets from Delta Faucet’s popular Addison and Lahara bath collections in August 2011 at bath showrooms across Canada.Touch2O Technology will be available on lavatory faucets in both showrooms and select retailers in September 2011.