15 Food Artists Who Make You Want To Eat Your Screen

Renoir had oils, Bernini had marble, and these artists have … ketchup.

We’re so glad nobody ever told these Instagram artists not to play with their food. What we see as lunch, these virtuosos see as mediums that can become mind-blowing (and, OK, belly-rumbling) works of art that are, quite literally, good enough to eat. Warning: Do not scroll on an empty stomach.


Jessica Siskin / @mister_krisp

Look closely: That’s not a steak; that’s a Rice Krispy T-bone. Marshmallow and rice cereal are the clay Siskin uses to sculpt celebrities, pets, tacos and—our favorite—every emoji in your phone. We visited her to see how she does it.


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Elisa Froche / @funwithfruit

You’ll never underestimate the possibilities of a banana again. Froche takes inspiration from fashion designers and famous works of art and then hand paints the produce-aisle staple with extreme precision, transforming it into a strikingly detailed masterpiece that, sadly, can’t last forever.


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Ida Skivenes / @idafrosk

A rainbow of edibles and icing doodles combine to form whimsical takes on storybook castles, dancing dinosaurs and rainy gardens. Look for the Norwegian artist’s signature: her toes.


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Tisha Cherry / @tishacherry

You might have seen Cherry’s french-fry Bart Simpson or melted-ice-cream Taylor Swift making the Internet rounds, but for regular doses of portraiture done with liquids such as honey and ketchup—and better than most people can do with ink—follow her Instagram account.


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Laura Prouty / @talkingfood

If food could talk … it’d say all the silly puns Prouty layers over her strikingly simple food photography.


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Jason Mecier / @jasonmecier

Mecier has created food portraits of every celebrity you’ve ever loved, from Carol Channing to Channing Tatum; he keeps ’em coming on Instagram, where he also lends a peek into his process.


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Red Hong Yi / @redhongyi

Hong Yi became foodstagramming royalty with her julienned vegetable portraits, jellybean houses and lox goldfish; fairy-tale vignettes and ventures into the mediums of makeup and flower petals keep her account fresh.


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Nathan Shields / @saipancakes

Mickey Mouse ears are so beginner for Shields, a math teacher and illustrator, who flips up pancake portraits of David Bowie, Iron Man and more with nothing but a squeeze bottle and an extra-wide spatula.


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Dakota Sky / @darynakossar

You may have fawned over Sky’s salt-and-pepper portrait of celeb chef Gordon Ramsay, but her fruit collages are just as fetching.


Simone Wittgen / @simone_wit

The Netherlands-based artist merges her minimalist food shots with quirky drawings to make memorable memes.


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Anne Teo / @antsbento

Rice bears, doughnut frogs, noodle monsters … lunch just doesn’t get cuter than Teo’s bento-box-style meals, designed for her two girls. It’s almost painful to think of them getting tossed into a backpack.


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Liv Buranday / @livscreams

Coffee grounds—the same ones you throw in the trash each morning—become painterly works of art that probably smell great, too.


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Julie Lee / @julieskitchen

Lee’s gorgeous food collages are as much celebrations of local ingredients as they are studies of color and balance.


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Manon Wethly / @manonwethly

Look at Wethly’s airborne liquid and you’ll panic for a second (fingers crossed there’s no white carpet under there!). But then you’ll be captivated by how her beautiful disasters take you out of your comfort zone.


Samantha Lee / @leesamantha

How do you envision rice as Snoopy? Eggs as Vermeer’s “Girl With a Pearl Earring”? A burger as an Angry Bird? We don’t know, but Lee, a mom in Malaysia, has done exactly that—and delivered on them.


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