2016 Interior Design Trend Report

What’s hot now? Geometric patterns, tarnished metals and jewel-toned hues.

Each year, the Delta Faucet design team looks into its crystal ball to forecast the styles that will make a splash. This year, four distinct designs are on the rise: delicate Victorian, reclaimed rustic, colorful contemporary and jeweled luxury.

"Our industrial-design team remains diligent in researching emerging trends and consumer preferences,” says Judd Lord, senior director of industrial design at Delta Faucet. “A keen attention to detail and eye for design are key to creating products that truly inspire and impress in the home."

Here are the secret recipes to these oh-so-hip decorating styles.

Delicate Victorian

Create a timeless Victorian-era aesthetic with a softer touch by blending graceful patterns (especially of the floral and hexagonal variety), subtle pastel hues and white-washed woods. Make this classic design work in modern kitchen or bath spaces by incorporating traditional accents, such as delicate filigree patterns and soft colors. Accessorize with feminine-shaped vases, rose-gold accents, brass finishes and patterned textiles.

Reclaimed Rustic

Combine cool metals with warm botanical patterns to create this perfect blend of country comfort and strong industrial design. Tarnished metals and textured stone juxtaposed against repurposed wood, nubby linens or country silks create rugged yet comfortable spaces. Balance the cool, modern metals with warm reclaimed wood accents, bursts of poppy and browned brass finishes.

Colorful Contemporary

Join soft, geometric shapes with bright hues and natural fabrics to get this cheerful, modern look. Influenced by midcentury aesthetics, this design sits squarely at the intersection of urban and suburban. Stylized subway tile and playfully shaped furniture in loud colors, such as coral or bright yellow, are de rigueur. Introduce a natural element via lightened walnut accents or even copper-framed storage units with pale ash shelving.

Jeweled Luxury

This luxurious look has an easy-to-follow formula: deep purple and navy hues, angular patterns and polished chrome finishes. Taking elements from both modern and traditional design, this style incorporates clean, geometric shapes and wirework furniture with faceted surfaces and marble flooring. Choose jewel-inspired details and finishes in buffed gold with a subtle iridescence to convey long-lasting opulence.