3 Laundry Rooms We Love

A wine fridge in a laundry room? Best. Idea. Ever.

Seriously, who likes doing laundry? That’s what we used to think until we saw these luxe laundry spaces. Buh-bye, damp dungeon. We’ll host marathon folding sessions in these three washing wonder-rooms any day of the week. 

So Light, So Bright, So Right

This clean, crisp space makes you want to starch your whites, no? Natural sunlight and heavy-duty task lighting bounce off gleaming cabinetry—all that storage keeps the mess behind closed doors. But don’t call it pristine: Imperfect, natural wood on the floor, ceiling and window shade (not to mention a wall color that just slightly skews from pure white) keeps it down-to-earth. Oh, and a wine fridge? In a laundry room? Genius.

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Working Hard, Playing Harder

Sure, the ecru cabinets and shiny stone counters feel lavish, but look closely: This upscale space is the ultimate work zone. That big stone slab (positioned close to the washer/dryer) means clothes can go straight from fluff to fold, and the hanging rod above the sink lets delicates drip-dry right into the basin.

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Mod Pod

This narrow workspace doesn’t offer much in the way of square footage, but check out that brilliant design cheat: a giant picture window that gives the illusion of a wide-open space. Earthen walls and pops of red warm up the sleek white cabinets, stone counters and shiny steel fixtures (that’s our Leland faucet!), but it’s the framed artwork, displayed linens and living, breathing plant that make it feel like home.

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