5 Steps for Self Care

Have you ever taken a shower and been so deep in thought that you couldn’t remember if you had rinsed out your conditioner? Or were in such a rush in the morning that you forgot to brush your teeth before rushing the kids off to school? We’ve been there. In today’s hectic world, we often treat the bathroom routine as part of morning rush to get out the door to work or a tiring evening bath time process, especially for those of us with young kids at home.


So, while there’s been a great deal of talk these days about self-care, which is the importance of taking time out for yourself in today’s hectic world, we found ourselves wondering, what does that really mean and how can we make the most of self-care? 
Here are 5 simple steps to carving out or reclaiming your self-care routine in your busy life:
1) Make time.
This seems like the obvious step but ask yourself when the last time you can remember carving out even 30 minutes in your day to indulge?  Back in the day, men would go to barber shops all the time to get a proper clean shave and now we barely remember if we bought refills for our razors. Reclaiming a set amount of time per day for yourself, is the first step. 
2) Picking your time.
On that note, some of us are morning people and others are night owls. Figuring out which one you are will help set your mood. Maybe you’d enjoy waking up an hour early to indulge in a warm soak in the bath, then afterwards sitting in a cozy bathrobe watching the sunrise while drinking your coffee. There’s something magical about dusk where it feels like the world is still asleep.
Or perhaps the one thing that keeps you going throughout a super busy day is the idea that before bedtime, you can have a deep massage for your tired muscles, courtesy of your shower head, along with your beloved aromatherapy oils to ease your senses.
Whatever your time is, take advantage of when it feels right to you. You get to decide what works best for YOU. 
3) Indulge in your favourite products
We’re always saving luxury products for special occasions, until one day you realize years have passed and you’ve never used the special body lotion or scented candle. Treat yourself to the products that you love and use them without any guilt. Saving them for a ‘special day’ is a recipe for “forgotten”. Whether that’s a scented bath bomb, those super plush towels or that skin exfoliant that you got as a gift but didn’t want to waste. Use them and don’t apologize for it. 
4) Create a beautiful, relaxing environment
Kitchens are often known as the hub of the family whereas bathrooms are often personal spaces where you have private time for yourself. So make sure that whatever bathroom is yours, it is a place you want to be in. Like the one Mercedes Papalia from The Party Parade created for her family. 
They took their small older bathroom in their home in Toronto and transformed it into a luxurious room with bold, black herringbone tile, gorgeous colorful wallpaper and Delta Faucet’s Linden™ and Trinsic®  collections in a Champagne Bronze™ finish. I mean can you not almost smell the aroma from this photo? Who wouldn’t want to soak in that tub? 
You can find out more about their bathroom renovation here  
5) Small changes can make a big impact.
Though all of us would love to be able to renovate our older bathrooms, it’s not always possible. But creating a bathroom that you enjoy being in, can be done with smaller changes. For example, keeping areas like vanity tops clean, always feels good. Warm lighting that creates a flattering feel to the room versus stark direct light that feels cold makes a huge impact on your mood. Even something as simple as a fresh paint color on the walls can help liven up the space and make it feel new!
To learn more about Mercedes Papalia’s designs, check out: The Party Parade