Advice for Designing a Small Bathroom

HGTV Canada star, stylist and designer, Tiffany Pratt, knows a thing or two about small space design. She recently transformed her tiny bathroom into a relaxing oasis. From the wallpaper to the floor to the faucets, Tiffany’s space is dripping with her vibrant personality. Here we catch a glimpse into her design philosophy by looking at her top tips for designing a space of your own



Collage of love:

When searching for inspiration look through magazines and tear out things you love. Save images on your computer when you troll the internet. Take pictures of things that evoke happiness in your day-to-day life. These things don’t have to be complete spaces or overall looks, they just need to be snapshots and reminders of things that you love. From this, your style and the direction for the space will be born.

Where in the world:

We are surrounded by inspiring things. Open your eyes widely in search for beauty that speaks to you! Between Pinterest, magazines, travel, local restaurants, hotels, spas, and your friend’s home or the neighbours latest reno…great ideas, beautiful imagery and inspiration can be easily found when you pay attention!

Water baby:

When tackling the bathroom, it’s important to think of design, functionality and also the element of water. Surfaces need to be easy to wipe and clean. Moisture needs to ventilate. Plumbing is so important and has to be up to par with your needs. Take time to hire respected and honest trades and rely on their expertise. The bathroom is the workhorse of a home so it’s worth the effort to make it highly functional and also dreamy so the magic of running water brings a sense of calm every day.



Interact with Sparkle:

Well-appointed visual interest in a small space will make the room feel richer and larger. Pay particular attention to the things you will interact with, and use most often, in your bathroom. The sink faucet is top on this list so hardware in the bathroom should never be an afterthought. If it’s something you’re going to touch and use multiple times a day it should bring joy! Why not mix metals and add bling in the bathroom? I love the Vero Collection by Delta Faucets because of it’s strong and sexy lines. And the Champagne Bronze finish hits my love-button for gold and sparkle!

Climbing the Walls:

To make your ceilings look taller, and to give your eyes a place to dance while you are singing in the shower, consider using an exciting bold wallpaper! Covered walls can make a small space even more inviting and also obscure the sense of boundaries. Since it’s a small space the investment in wallpaper is low and it’s an easy way to make the room feel special and delightful! Don’t be afraid to go bold in a smaller space!



Investing is GOOD:

When faced with a small bathroom renovation, it always pays to invest in one large custom piece to give the illusion of space. The vanity is often a great place to make that investment because it’s a feature in almost every bathroom and it’s desperately needed for storage. Work with a company like Kraftmaid and design something that works perfectly for your situation. Custom made will always make a space feel more upscale than something prefabricated.



Follow your Bliss:

Even though trends may dictate what is hot and cool at the moment, final design decisions should be based on what will make you happy! For me, there is nothing more healing and rejuvenating than a long soak in my tub. But a lot of small space bathroom design revolves around replacing tubs with showers. Well, I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my luscious salt dips for a bit more space! Instead, I found a low-profile tub from Mirolin and it’s the best of both worlds. I can have my soaks and pleasing design lines too! The Austin 16 is crisp and minimal, and it works beautifully in providing a feeling of space while still providing function. Take it from me, salt tubs for life!



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