Designer Janette Ewen 2017 Kitchen & Bath Trends

From handsome black fixtures to fun with geometry, here are some of Janette’s personal favourites.


'Tis the season for transformation – and there’s no better place to start your domestic metamorphosis than in your kitchen or bathroom, where a fresh coat of paint or easy-to-install new hardware can provide big impact with a minimum of effort. Where to begin? This season’s kitchen and bath trends, from handsome black fixtures to fun with geometry, are as solid a framework as any. Here are a few of my personal favourites.



A few years ago, black kitchen appliances took the residential market by storm. This year, it’s faucets and other hardware that are going appealingly dark. In the kitchen, a black pull-down faucet or wall-mounted pot filler is an ideal way to either complement those dark appliances or create a focal point in an all-white space. In the bathroom, ebony-toned fixtures, such as Delta’s elegant Ara® collection in matte black, offers depth in neutral settings or grounding in colourful ones. Just like in fashion, the effect, whether understated or dramatic, is up to the user. 



Pop culture has been fixated on the Victorian age of late, from the TV series Victoria to several recent biographies about the long-reigning queen. Fans of the period can inject a little stiff upper lip into their own homes with fixtures such as Delta’s elegant Victorian-inspired lavatory faucets, which come in a variety of finishes and both one- and two-handle varieties. We are amused.



One of the biggest trends among home renovators this season is ultra-durable elements that provide value for money, whether it’s high-performance upholstery, natural-fibre rugs that stand up to heavy traffic or kitchen and bathroom hardware that functions as smartly as it looks. In the latter category, Delta’s Allentown™ pull-down sprayer faucet is a case in point. Unlike other pull-downs that tend to droop over time, Allentown’s MagnaTite® Docking keeps it firmly in place, while trademark SpotShield® Technology protects it from spots, germs and stains. As an added bonus, it comes with a matching soap dispenser, which helps eliminate countertop clutter.



Going organic in your home can have dual meaning these days. Take Delta’s Tesla® Collection of bathroom fixtures. In addition to the fluid, nature-inspired contours that define the collection, its many energy-conscious, water-conserving features are as eco-friendly as they come. Tesla® shower heads, for instance, feature a unique pause option that can reduce water flow to a trickle during shaving or lathering, while both sink and wall-mounted faucets channel at least 20 percent less water than is commonly used without compromising performance. 



From hexagonal tiles for floors and backsplashes to sharp-angled faucets and other fixtures, geometry is big in kitchens and bathrooms right now. For lessons on how to apply the look in your own space this season, look no further than Delta’s unrivalled cache of hardware options, be it a crisply angled Zura faucet (sharp in every way against slender subway tiles) or a perfectly square shower head (pair one with circles and other shapes for extra-compelling contrast). The goal when considering this trend isn’t mathematical precision, but unfettered dynamism. Right on!