From watering plants to cleaning up your kids’ toothpaste trails, the pull-down spray wand on Delta Faucet’s newest faucet brings a whole lot of practical to your bathroom—and it does it with style.

When you have kids, it’s no secret that style can slip down the priority list. If something works—even better, if it’s easy and convenient—who has time to worry whether it’s beautiful?
And with your 5-year-old smearing toothpaste across the faucets, your husband’s beard shavings stuck to the sink, and your own makeup brushes known to scatter powder everywhere as you rush through your morning routine, the bathroom can definitely become more function-over-style territory. 
Well…we’d like to argue otherwise! 
Delta Broadmoor faucet
The Delta Broadmoor™ Faucet makes using and cleaning your bathroom not only a whole lot easier (like, kid-level easy) but also, dare we say it, stylish. 
It has a worry-free drain catch, essential no matter the age of your household’s members. (It’ll safeguard your favourite pearl earring or your daughter’s first lost tooth.)
I has fingerprint and stain resistant SpotShield® Technology, which means less cleaning for you—always a good thing.
But our favourite feature? Definitely the pull-down spray wand, just like the one you’ve loved using in the kitchen, now available for that other room where you’re constantly washing things and need just as much versatility.
Delta Broadmoor Faucet
In addition to making it painless to hose down toothpaste, soap scum, makeup, shaving cream, and stray hairs, the pull-down wand also helps you easily manage all kinds of extra tasks: Watering plants. Filling the dog’s water dish. Filling your humidifier. A diffuser. A water bottle. A vase. 
Even giving Franklin the turtle his bath.
Delta Broadmoor Faucet
And despite all that practicality, this faucet does not sacrifice style.  Its smooth curves, high-arc spout, and brushed nickel finish also make it undeniably elegant.
It’s still possible that in a contest you’d choose function over style. (Franklin is smelly.) 
But we think it’s pretty great that you don’t have to make that choice.
Delta Broadmoor Faucet
Delta Broadmoor Faucet
Exclusively available at The Home Depot