Get Inspired. Top 5 Textile Trends to Try At Home

Tonic Living co-founder and President Janine Morrison shares five textile trends she's loving right now.

Not a day goes by that I’m not contemplating the latest fabric trends, whether I’m rifling through samples at the studio or sourcing textiles in Portugal. Here’s five of-the-moment textile trends that represent Canadians’ style right now but also have staying power. I love how a little decorating with new fabrics can go a long way, so I’ve also included tips on how to incorporate them into your home.

Trend #1: Summer Velvets

Today’s velvets aren’t the kind you’d find in grandma’s house. With so many colours and finishes to choose from, velvet is back in a very cool way thanks to the modern Victorian trend that’s recently hit the scene. It’s no longer seasonal but a year-round staple—including summer! We are particularly loving the new outdoor and performance velvets that offer luxurious texture without the maintenance.

How to make it work at home: Bring velvet pillows outside for added comfort and texture. For a really sumptuous look, opt for velvet drapes, or banquette pillows but stick to light shades to prevent dust bunnies from showing.

Trend #2: Recycled Fabrics

Sustainable fabrics are becoming a BIG trend in fashion, with the likes of H&M promising to use all recycled fabrics by 2030 and Everlane making puffer coats out of old plastic bottles. Home decor has been ahead of the curve on this one with lots of amazing options using Olefin. Olefin is made from upcycled fibers that have no chemical treatments, making them easier on your home and the environment.

How to make it work at home: Use high-performance fabrics in your traffic zones, like entryways and kitchens. You can have beautiful upholstery even with kids and pets. Dreams do come true!

Trend #3: Loads of Texture

Designers are looking to texture as a fresh way to bring interest to spaces. Metals are a great way to bring in that depth, as well as wovens, wood, fringe, and velvets.

How to make it work at home: Whether it’s a brass zipper on a pillow, antique gold drapery hardware or a shiny new faucet in a kitchen or bathroom, incorporate metallics into your next makeover. Pair it with wood for warmth and a natural fabric that's got a beautiful slub, like linen.

Photo credit: Mandy Milks

Photo credit: Mandy Milks

Trend #4: COLOUR is Back

Thanks to maximalism making a comeback, which has seen a move away from white walls and beige furnishings, saturated walls and colourful fabric are hotter than ever. It's all about layering and building on your colour story in a sophisticated way. If you’re brave enough, don’t just add a pop of colour—be unapologetic and go big!

How to make it work at home: The trick is to use more muted tones. Colourful does not have to be bright or overwhelming. Choose hues that have less bite but lots of richness. Instead of millennial pink, go for rose, and instead of indigo blue, try something more inky.

Photo credit: Janine Morrison

Trend #5: Playfulness

Whether a floral, chintz or classic stripe, prints have always been on trend in textiles. Today’s top picks trade seriousness for personality. Playful patterns, like our No Probllama Fabric, are a great way to bring a bit of humour to spaces.

How to make it work at home: Depending on your comfort level, incorporate whimsy in small doses so as not to overwhelm a space. Choose a conversation piece, like our Arlo pillow, to add a lighthearted and well-traveled look to your home.

Photo credit: Tonic Living

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