Leslie Biggley's Striped Marble Bathroom Reno

In PART THREE of our series featuring projects from The Leslie Style, check out Leslie Biggley’s design tips from one of her favourite bathroom renovations.

Biggley’s airy, modern, and feminine style shines through in this one-of-a-kind bathroom.

Leslie Biggley can’t stop renovating bathrooms. It’s part of her DNA. This makeover is a Leslie Style original with the 3×6 marble subway tiles combined with 3×6 white ceramic subway tiles. Since the reno, she and her family have moved to another home, but she fondly remembers her favourite pieces from one of her much-loved bathrooms.

Stars from the striped marble bathroom:


Biggley literally found the countertop in the trash. The remnant of Calcutta marble was about to get tossed so she snapped it up at a fraction of its regular price, almost less than Formica. Because of its unique features—dramatic veining and large patches of white—this type of marble usually costs about three or four times as much as other marble.


Another noteworthy find of Biggley’s is this eye-catching and distinctive vanity with its many drawers. Because the bathroom was more of a powder room, the vanity didn’t need to serve a big storage function and she was focused on style over function. Metal isn’t recommended for a long-term storage space or for your main vanity. But in this case, painted white, it was a super cute superstar.


For Biggley, Delta Faucet’s Champagne Bronze® finish and white go together like peaches and cream. She keeps coming back to Delta® faucets because of her love of their cross handles. Stylish and affordable, the faucets come in a variety of finishes such as polished nickel, chrome, and Brilliance® stainless. In the special striped bathroom, she couldn’t help herself from using a matching bronze showerhead with the same cross 


Two words: antique stores. Biggley encourages people to poke around and think outside the box when it comes to mirrors because there are some gems out there. Like this one, for example, that she picked up at an estate sale five years ago! She lugged the fabulous find through four moves, waiting for the right opportunity to use it. Et voilà, the antique beauty finally found its home. “It’s the piece that people commented on the most,” says Biggley. “It attracts a lot of attention!”


If you follow The Leslie Style, you may recognize these sconces that match the chandelier in her last home. Biggley is a fan of these decorative light fixtures because with sconces she gets more bang for her designer buck. They add a touch of class to any room, and she tries to use them as often as possible. She hasn’t been able to have any installed in her current century-old home with intricate wiring, but her passion for sconces, along with her determination and creativity, are sure to find a workaround.  Stay tuned!


The aforementioned combined marble and ceramic striped tiles are the pièce de résistance of this bathroom. Sounds easy enough to mix the two, right? Not quite. Think twice before trying this at home…

Not only were the tiles completely different thicknesses—marble is much thicker than ceramic—they were also slightly different lengths. Biggley learned a huge lesson after she made the mistake of not fully disclosing her plan to Sergio, her pro tile setter. Luckily, he was able to vary the grout thickness in the shower (which took weeks!) and the end result was stunning. Sadly, Biggley does not recommend the process because it was very labour intensive, and it is unlikely Sergio would ever do this again. But a girl can dream. And you can bet that Biggley is already dreaming of her next creative tile installation.  


A final crafty design note about the shower in Biggley’s striped bathroom. The size and layout of the shower was untouched, but by taking down the wall and replacing it with an all-glass wall, the renovated shower felt about three times its original size. #designillusion

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