Small Bathroom Ideas: 5 Ways to Transform a Small Bathroom Into a Larger Space

Do your knees hit your cabinets when you’re on the throne? Are you constantly knocking elbows in the shower or struggling to find storage space for linens? Here are five tips for making your small bathroom seem larger without knocking out any walls.

1. Install a floating vanity.

Want to save some serious space beneath your cabinets? With a floating vanity, your flooring extends all the way to the wall under the cabinet, which instantly adds more floor space. Bonus: Your tootsies have more room to scoot under the sink.

2. Consider a wall-mounted faucet.

If your bathroom countertop is already minuscule, you can save major space by moving the faucet to the wall. It will provide storage space behind the basin and help you reclaim precious inches of counter space. The clean, uncluttered look of a wall-mounted faucet, like this one, creates more visual space as well. 

3. Add a wall-mounted medicine cabinet.

While we’re on the subject, make the most of your wall space by hanging a wall-mounted medicine cabinet. You’ll keep your precious counter space free and clear of personal items and create a space to stock extra toiletries. Win, win!

4. Make the most of your linen storage.

If your bathroom lacks real space to store linens and towels, consider moving them into a hallway chest or armoire. If you want to keep them in the bathroom, you could use shelving (especially under your new floating vanity) for storage.

5. Hang a mirror on the wall.

Who’s the fairest of them all? The smart person who creates the illusion of larger space with mirrors, that’s who! Aside from providing a useful reflective surface for self-admiration sessions (hello, gorgeous!), a mirror increases the amount of reflected light in a room. Bonus if you can position the mirror to reflect natural light from a window. 

Just because you’re working with a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to loathe your pampering time. We hope these small bathroom ideas help you transform your space. If one of these ideas inspires you, share an image with us on the Delta Faucet social media channels.