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A Smarter Toilet? Prepare to Be Bowled Over

The best kind of toilet is one you don't need to worry about. SmartFit™ models from Delta are super-simple to install and reduce potential leak points. Your bathroom floor will thank you.

How are most toilet bowls and tanks attached?

Typical toilets have mounting bolts that pierce through the bottom of the tank and are surrounded by rubber gaskets or washers. Over time these pieces can fail, causing leaks. Or during installation, the installer may overtighten the fasteners, which can potentially crack the ceramic tank. 

What is SmartFit?

It's a new and, you guessed it, more intelligent way of attaching tank and bowl. If you're wondering why this matters, consider the fact that this industry hasn't seen significant innovation for more than a century.

How does it work?

As Delta product manager Josh Feldman explains, the bolts don’t go through the tank. Instead, they come already secured to a metal bracket on the tank's bottom, so they're less subject to wear, corrosion and cracks. Another advantage of the SmartFit™ toilet system is the pre-installed water supply line (currently available on Riosa™ and Corrente™ models). Supply lines are usually sold separately and require yet another hole in the tank, but Delta has changed the game by integrating a pre-installed supply line that comes out of the tank and runs down the toilet back, eliminating another potential leak point.

Who comes up with this stuff?

You can thank Delta's research and development team, which spent hundreds of hours observing how people shop for and install toilets. Most of them complained that their old toilet had a leak from the tank's bottom. "This seems like the last place you'd want holes, so we were determined to find a better way," Feldman says.

What does this mean for me?

The pre-installed mounting bolts and ready-to-go supply line add up to fewer installation hiccups and long-term issues. "The nature of remodeling is that people are always going to make mistakes, so the more things you can set up for them in advance, the better," Feldman says.

Sounds great, but let's get real—can I really do this myself?

Some people want a plumber, but Feldman says that for the typical DIY weekend warrior, an installation of a Delta toilet featuring the SmartFit™ connection should only take about 10 to 15 minutes. Each toilet comes with a wrench-like SmartFit™ multitool designed to fit into tight crevices, so you won't even need your toolbox. "You're talking three bolts, three washers and then a few floor bolts—it's like, zip, zip, zip, and you're done," he says.