Five Secrets for Small Bathroom Design

Tiffany Pratt's dreamy new bathroom, featuring Delta's Vero collection!

Designer, Author, Maker and overall amazing person Tiffany Pratt recently transformed her tiny bathroom in a major way. Now she shares her secrets for designing a small bath space.



Float your vanity to create visual room and airiness in your space! And if you can afford to do so, invest in a custom vanity so it fills your space perfectly and is as large as possible without disrupting traffic flow. A large custom piece will give the illusion of additional space and it also always adds an upscale feel.



A touch of glamour in the bathroom is always a good idea! By adding jewelry-inspired finishings you elevate your space and create points of visual interest to distract from the smallness. Never underestimate the power of a good faucet and its finish. Pick well here to add well appointed personality into your tiny bathroom.



A traditional shower curtain cuts off the room and can make a bathroom feel even smaller than it is. Installing a glass shower screen gives the impression of taller ceilings and helps light bounce around so things appear brighter and bigger! You no longer have to replace your shower liner or grow tired of your shower curtain! Put the glass screen up and live happily ever after.



Pattern play and fearless mixing is a way of making a space feel unique and bespoke. The added benefit is the illusion of no boundaries which makes a tiny space feel huge. A small space filled with pattern and texture on the walls and floor feels larger than life because of its visual appeal. Be sure to give yourself some white space so the eyes can breathe, but don’t be afraid to get busy!



Custom mirror sizes and shapes can really add optical light, interest and design flair into a small space. Play with scale, play with shape and create something that is totally you and a conversation-starter. Personally, I’m all on board with hearts!