A side-by-side refrigerator like this Maytag marvel offers generous storage space for someone who stocks lots of perishables. That’s partly because the ice is made in the freezer door, not a bulky bin. And the water dispenser can fit large glasses and pitchers—a huge help if you entertain a lot.

Despite its minimalist look, Delta’s Trinsic™ faucet will give you maximum assistance in the kitchen. The pull-down spray wand is anchored by MagnaTite® docking that snaps it securely back in place. And the electronic Touch2O® Technology that lets you start and stop the water with a tap of a forearm, wrist or fingertip is ideal for messy moments.

A Top Chef wannabe will find plenty of perks in a professional-style range like this beauty from GE’s Monogram line. Not only does the stovetop come with a griddle, it can be swapped for a bamboo cutting board when you need an extra prep surface. The appliance’s easy-to-clean sealed burners are reversible (to fit both flat- and rounded-bottom pots) and have connected grates that let you maneuver cookware smoothly across them. The oven’s convection heat helps food cook faster and brown more evenly. And its racks, which are mounted on ball bearings, move in and out easily—even under the weight of the heaviest lasagna pan.

Who will appreciate Delta’s wall-mounted pot filler? Anyone who’s ever sloshed water on the floor, and themselves, while schlepping a huge pot of water from sink to stove.

A range hood should be stylish, quiet and smart, and this Arietta model fits the bill. Even if it wasn’t removing smoke, grease and cooking odors from the air, it’s such a beautiful focal point that you’ll want it on your wall anyway. The built-in alarm alerts you when it’s time to clean the filter, which can be tossed in the dishwasher. And while some hoods are obnoxiously loud, this one is quiet enough, even on top speed, to allow for conversation.

Upgrading the knobs and handles on your cabinetry is a fast, inexpensive way to unify your decor. Not only will these durable stainless steel pulls from Liberty Hardware feel great in your hands, their sleek good looks will make you smile every time you walk into the kitchen. And when the cook is happy, the food tastes even more delicious.

6 Kitchen Upgrades that Make Grown Chefs Cry

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Let’s be honest: Some people have showpiece kitchens but don’t cook much in them (blame it on Food Network). But if you do spend your days roasting, broiling and baking, these six splurges will definitely improve your culinary life.

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