A Nod to Organic

Straying from straight lines of typical modern design, the Tesla Collection introduces a softer, more evolved option for the contemporary space. 

Come a Little Closer

Want the water flow on? Move your hands a little closer. Want it off? Move them back. Teslalavatories with Touch2O.xt® Technology sense your presence anywhere within four inches of the faucet. So come on. Get a little closer.

Like New? Like That!

Faucets that function like new for life? Better believe it. Tesla faucets feature the Delta® patented DIAMOND Seal Technology to ensure like-new function for the life of the faucet.

Get Drenched Responsibly

Give your customers a shower experience like no other. Shower heads and hand showers within the Tesla Collection feature H2Okinetic® Technology that sculpts water into a unique wave pattern to give the feeling of more water without using more water. 

A Seamless Look

The Tesla Bath Collection features a full suite of faucets, fixtures and accessories—including our newest freestanding Tub Filler—and the best of Delta® technologies. 

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