Options to Consider

Direct water where you need it most

Hand showers are handheld shower heads that make showering tasks easier, from shaving legs or bathing children to washing the dog. Whether you're looking for a simple hand shower that's proven to perform or a hand shower loaded with features, Delta gives you more options.

For use in Standard Shower, Jetted Shower™ or Semi-Custom Jetted Shower XO®, Custom Shower

In2ition® Two-in-One Shower

When the In2ition® Shower is in its primary position, it functions like a regular shower head. When you need to rinse from close range, simply remove the hand shower. It's two showers in one beautifully convenient package.

Wall Mount Hand Showers

For a clean look with additional functionality, these hand showers mount on a bracket at the wall that allows you to adjust the angle of the spray.

Slide Bar Hand Showers

With an adjustable slide bar, these hand showers are ideal for users of varying heights.

Shower Arm Mount Hand Showers

The shower arm mount hand shower makes an easy replacement for standard shower heads.

Other Options to Consider

Different types of components deliver very different experiences — either alone or in concert. Decide which ones you prefer.


Planning Your Shower

From understanding your water needs to selecting the right layout, planning for your shower will help you create the experience you deserve.