Types of Shower Experiences

A shower experience all your own

You probably already have some idea of your perfect shower. With so many components to choose from, it’s easy to design a shower just for you. The first step is deciding which type of shower you want.

Standard Shower
Standard Shower

A shower head and valve with some upgrade options.

Ideal if you…

  • Want a quick face-lift for your current shower
  • Have a small budget
Jetted Shower
Semi-Custom Jetted Shower™

A shower head and two spray jets with some customizable options.

Ideal if you…

  • Are revamping an existing bath
  • Want an enhanced shower experience on a lean budget
Custom Shower
Custom Shower

A completely customizable shower experience.

Ideal if you…

  • Want to transform your bath with a rejuvenating, spa-like shower
  • Are doing a complete renovation

Compare Types of Shower Experiences

Not sure which shower experience is right for you? Compare them side-by-side.


Find the Right Tub/Shower Faucet for You

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