Jetted Shower

A jetted shower with no plumbing hassles

A jetted shower with no plumbing hassles

Delta's Jetted Shower™ is the only semi-custom shower in the industry, providing a jetted shower experience without having to resize the plumbing pipes, drain or water heater. It features a shower head and two spray jets with a wide, revitalizing, yet relaxing spray.

A jetted shower is ideal if you:

  • are revamping an existing bath
  • want an enhanced shower experience on a lean budget
  • don't want to change pipe size or drain


  • features shower head and two spray jets
  • can be easily upgraded by selecting the Jetted Shower XO® (eXtra Outlet) option and choosing an additional shower head, In2ition® Shower, or hand shower
  • standard 1/2" piping uses the existing drain or water heater-eliminating the need for extensive plumbing upgrades
  • available in a variety of styles
  • simple way to enhance a standard shower

Things to Consider:

  • can use your existing plumbing

Create Your Jetted Shower

Customize your shower with the perfect combination of shower head and shower jets using our Jetted Shower Wizard.

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